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Even when organic approval was not obligatory for the cosmetic industry yet, ieS LABO was an early pioneer in this field and has had ECOCERT France approval since 1995 for its vegetable oils and herbal oils.

This guarantees our clients, a total and controlled traceability in oils, macerations, and glycerinated extracts proposed by ieS LABO.

To receive the Organic Certification, the product must have two conditions:

1. The plants used must come from Organic Agriculture, ie grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, in areas protected from external contamination.

2. Transformation processes must be natural and non-chemical.

For each type of product, an acceptable method to get the Organic certification will be defined.

For vegetable oils, solvent extraction and refinement are forbided; only the extraction by cold pressure is authorized. Mechanical or heat refining is also accepted.


For Floral Waters the steam distillation method is accepted.

For Herbal Oils, slow maceration of plants in the oil, is known like a Natural Process.

For oily macerations the certification is done according to our client needs.

As long as we can track down organic raw materials and organic oils (according to seasons), we can produce for you a specific maceration for which we undertake to not only produce the finished product organically but also to complete the organic formalities and attached administration.

Actually, we have the NOP (USA), NATRUE (German) and COSMOS (Europe) certifications.

We are also members of COSMEBIO, the French association of organic cosmetics.




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