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extraits végétaux


catalogue macérats huileux

Botanical extracts catalog

Vegetal extracts are an easy use form of plants actives for cosmetic industry. We can use different part of plants: flowers, roots, bark, leaves, bud...

Solvents are propylene-glycol, glycerine, water, alcohol, oils.

Solvents will be use depending of the molecule of interest and the properties of the solvent itself. ieS LABO has the know-how to supply the full range.

In the past, the most popular in cosmetic were hydroglycolic extracts, a mix 50/50 between water and glycol (propylene-glycol or butylene-glycol, but today there is a growing interest to the hydroglycerin solvent: water and glycerine 50/50.

Glycerin has many interesting properties for Cosmetics. It is an emollient and moisturizing agent.
We use a vegetal glycerin. For Organic extracts, our glycerin is 100 % BIO, it comes from India.       


ieS LABO uses 10 % of the dried plant at the beginning of the maceration process, or 30% of the fresh plant. These high percentages allow a higher efficiency of the extract.

In order to respect the plant, and to preserve its active ingredients, ieS LABO has chosen to opt for long macerations at room temperature.

Different preservatives can be use, with or without parabens. We use Phenonip, an excellent preservation system, as preservative with parabens.

Currently, we mainly use a mix of citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, each proportion is 0.2%; for ours plant’s extracts without parabens.

We can work with some others preservative following our customers needing.

All our extracts are systematically analyzed, including physic-chemical and microbiological analysis.


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