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Floral waters catalog

Floral water is obtained by the same process as the essential oil, namely by steam distillation of water.

The flowers are crossed by water-steam. Once it is released from the container, the steam, which is enriched by the essential oil contained by the plants, is condensed in a coil that has been kept in cold.

The recovered fluid is composed by essential oil and water: The floral water is the water naturally enriched by traces of essential oils (about 0,1%).

The floral water concentration will be expressed as a percentage. A floral water at 3% means that 3 kg of dry plants were required to produce 100 kg of floral water.


Floral waters are also known as hydrosols (hydrolats). But the production of floral waters and hydrosols is different and the result product is not the same. In this manner, the hydrosol is a by- product during the production of an essential oil, and floral water is obtained directly by steam distillation of dried or fresh plant.

Today, the tendency is to leave the classic flowers (cornflower rose...) and move towards the creation of new distilled waters: Fig Opuntia, hibiscus...

Our latest creations are the waters of fruit: lemon, cucumber...

ieS LABO is specially equipped with a distiller to provide specifically small quantities (50-400 kg).


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