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Herbal oils are vegetal extracts (see definition of vegetal extract) in which the solvent is always a vegetable oil.

Herbal oils are prepared since the antiquity. They are as well used for external applications as dietary product. One of the most ancient and popular is the herbal oil of Saint John’s Wort who was known by the Roman civilisation 400 years BC. The harvest took place close to the summer solstice (the name of Saint John’s wort come from the harvest time) and plant was then macerated in virgin olive oil. After filtration the product was used to calm down burn pains.


ieS LABO standard support is sunflower refined oil. As for all the extract the concentration of dried plant at the beginning of maceration is 10%.

Using organic oil and an organic plant, we can obtain organic herbal oil, controlled and certified by ECOCERT FRANCE.


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